By the Spring of 2018, the Gray Line Halong has expanded to several vessels, each featured by specific characters and comfort. The middle-sized one, with eight cabins, is constantly full for its small scale, matching requests of small tour groups or several close families.


The restaurant of the cruise is featured by huge opened windows, creating wild feelings of touching nature when the guests are onboard with delicious lunches, in the middle of nowhere, with numerous odd-shaped rocks surrounding. Above this restaurant is a wide sundeck with extensive area for your own leisure or secret, friendly talks with your dearest ones.

With eight cabins, i.e. fifteen, sixteen adults and a couple of kids, the cruise is perfect for one or two small groups, or several couples, getting away from big crowds, busy and noisy rendezvous, and it encourages you to choose a private route with more relaxation on the beaches than hectic activities. It also saves time of transferring, whilst you need to wait for a dozen of people, instead of twenty or thirty.


The cruise basically operated on a famous route, with notable Surprising Cave and Titov Beach, but at the least crowded time so that every guest can enjoy the great scale of the cave with million-year stalagmites and stalactites, huge chambers, odd-shaped rock columns, or have enough time to conquer the peak of Titov island. And before you return to the restaurant or cabin, you can also require a short time of extra massage or nail service on the sundeck to enjoy your leisure utmost, whilst admiring the sunset down the extended sea view.